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The Goodster.tk


Name: The Goodster.tk
URL: http://www.thegoodster.tk/
Description: Personal site of Tom Good.
The Goodster.tk

If you want to affiliate with us please feel free to add our banners or buttons to your website and contact me (webmaster-at-drackir.com) or PM me in the forums. Please send me your URL, website name and a short description of your site/game. A link to your button/banner would also be nice (buttons will be shown on every page).
URL: http://www.drackir.com/banner/banner.gif

HTML Code:
<a href='http://www.drackir.com/' target='_Blank' title="Fondusi's"><img src='http://www.drackir.com/banner/banner.gif' width='468' height='60' alt="Fondusi's" border='0'></a>
URL: http://www.drackir.com/banner/button.gif

HTML Code:
<a href='http://www.drackir.com/' target='_Blank' title="Fondusi's"><img src='http://www.drackir.com/banner/button.gif' width='88' height='31' alt="Fondusi's" border='0'></a>

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