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Fondusi's Legacy

Mistress Ellora Sagewood bestowed one final kiss upon the forehead of her lifeless husband. She allowed the heavy lid of the ornate oak coffin to drop, and, running her hands along the seam where lid met coffin, canted the spell that would preserve the body therein until burial.

The sealing spell reinforced the finality of the situation. Ellora could not prevent a rogue tear from fleeing the sanctum of her eye and racing down her pale cheek; he was gone, for now and forever – Grandmaster Loric Fondusi, the singular love of her existence. The flame that fueled her destiny was nearly extinguished, and her time as a member of the Protectorate neared its end. One task remained, the final pursuit to which Fondusi had dedicated his life in the years preceding the war. Ellora would take up the quest in his stead; she would complete the ancient spells, she would summon the Island from the very depths of the ocean, and there she would bury her love.

It had gone by many names throughout the course of history. First it was the Isle of Origins, for the first human beings believed it to be the source of all life. Immediately before its disappearance it was simply called the Folly, as its inhabitants managed to misuse its power such that they were all scourged from its surface. During the present era of civil strife it was known only as the Island, for none could take time away from the war to name it properly. It was to be the salvation of the common folk and the Deuteros Megistos Protectorate alike; in response to the widening rift between the two groups, Fondusi had proposed to relocate the entire Protectorate to the Island and leave the continent in the hands of the commoners.

But along came those three wretched Elders. Ellora damned them all: Rhya, organizer of the rebellion, the Protectorate traitor Fairview, and the mysterious Zuul, worst of them all, the murderer of her beloved Fondusi. Were it not for the late Grandmaster’s strict avoidance of conflict, Ellora would make them all pay. As it was, her time was consumed with the unending search for the Island. There she would lay her love to rest…and perhaps, through the primeval forces of the place…

No, she could not allow her mind to wander. With a final glance toward the coffin, Mistress Sagewood shut and bolted the heavy, rune-inscribed door of the makeshift tomb. If nothing else, she resolved, the Island would be Fondusi’s.

Regarding Game Status

The timeframe for the game going public is not and will not be set until we can be sure of an exact date. There is still a lot of work to be done before a public release and we do not plan to release a "public beta". We will however have a "private beta" in that we will ask a select few people to play through the game and make sure that progression is smooth and steady. Right now, the game is in alpha stage. I am still adding most of the basic things that the game will need when we release it and the mappers are in game creating all the maps. Once I release the next client for alpha testing and work out all the kinks, if the maps are complete, we will add in the npc's/items/etc. We will then test it with the staff for perhaps a week and then modify things as necessary. Following that there will be, as I mentioned, a private beta. Once we have worked as many of the bumps out of the game as possible we will open it up to the public. This as you can tell will be a long process, but that is why it will be successful! It's all about planning guys, cause we're in it for the long run.

Note that all information (and more) is available through the forums.

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