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This page is currently for staff reference only, it shows the current online/offline status of the server. The Realtime Server Status is based on the server itself. The Server Status (as per Drackir) is a non-automatic status update. It is changed manually by the staff to give a reason why the server may be down or up.

Realtime Server Status:

Dev Server: OFFLINE

Server Status (As Per Drackir):

The server is currently offline.
Comment(s) [May 6th, 2009]: Server is offline. Working on programming the game again so I'll probably have it back up sometime soon.

Main Server Configuration:
Intel Xeon 3.00GHZ With HT
2.00 GB of RAM
2 * 250GB SATA Hard Drive
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
3.0Mbps Burstable to 100Mbps (~384KBps-12.5MBps)
Online 24/7.

Test Server Configuration:
AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 3500+ @ 2.2Ghz
2GB Ram
Windows XP Professional
3.0Mbps (~384KBps) Download
384Kbps (~48KBps) Upload
Online when testing/updating.

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